Black Studies: Articles in Databases

An overview of resources for researching Black Studies, including the African Diaspora and African American Studies

Finding Articles

The library databases listed here are good starting points to find articles on a range of topics in Black Studies. Try combining two different keywords in a search, as in these examples: 

black panthers and women
slavery and religion
african americans and civil rights

Finding peer reviewed articles

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

A peer reviewed article is reviewed by experts or scholars in the field who judge the article for quality and new contributions of knowledge to the discipline. The best place to search for peer reviewed articles is in the PSU Library catalog or Databases & Articles.

Limit Your Search to Peer Reviewed Sources

Look for a checkbox that limits the search to peer reviewed journals or articles. This image shows where to limit a search to peer reviewed journals in the PSU Library catalog.

Peer reviewed Journals limit option

You can also limit a search to peer reviewed journals using a subject-specific database. This image shows how to limit search results in MLA International Bibliography, a key database for English literature.

peer reviewed journals limit option

Find Out More About the Journal

Search for the journal title in Ulrichs International Periodicals Directory. If you see this referee icon referee icon then the journal is peer reviewed, and you can select the journal title for more information. Also, search for the journal website, then look for an editorial policy page that will tell you if the journal is peer reviewed.

Watch this video, Is it Peer Reviewed?, to learn how to determine if an article is from a peer reviewed journal.