Conflict Resolution: Find Articles

Multidisciplinary Resources

Some databases have information from a range of disciplines. Academic Search Premier and JSTOR, linked below, can be great tools for finding some good information from a range of sources. A good way to search a database is combine two keywords or key phrases with the word and in the middle. Here are some examples:

  • music and conflict resolution 
  • NGOs and communication
  • palestine and mediation

Remember that if conflict resolution as a term isn't getting you good results, you may want to explore synonyms or related terms (like conflict management, dispute resolution, mediation, interpersonal conflict, intervention, negotiation, etc.). Or you may want to search for information just on your primary topic and see what terms are getting used within that literature. If you need help with this, please check with a reference librarian or contact Meredith. 

In the boxes below, you will find databases recommended for research in each of the following disciplines:

  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business


Many CR students find relevant content in Psychology literature. The best database for Psychology, linked below, is PsycINFO. One tip about using PsycINFO: it can be confusing! When you search PsycINFO, you are actually searching a thesaurus of terms. You can choose a few terms and then link them to get better results. If this is confusing, please check with a reference librarian or visit the Psychology Research Guide for help. 


The research literature in Education can be useful as well. The key database to search is called ERIC. Note that you may want to avoid using the term conflict resolution in your ERIC searches as you may miss great articles that use different terminology. 

Political Science and International Relations

Criminal Justice


Choosing Keywords

Here's the important thing to know about researching in other disciplines: they may not use the term conflict resolution, but that doesn't mean the literature isn't very relevant to your research. You may also not be able to find books or articles which link your specific topic to conflict resolution theories. But that's okay! You can be the expert, and link research in other fields to your work in CR. 

Research Guides for Other Disciplines

As you explore other disciplines, you may find it helpful to consult the research guides for those disciplines. You also can see the full list of library research guides here. 

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