SW 520 Social Welfare Policy: Library Session Group Activity

Activity Description

In small groups, use the resources assigned to your group, to search for resources for your individual topic.

This activity should take a total of 12 minutes. For the first 8 minutes please work on the task assigned to your group and use your own topic. For the last 4 minutes, talk about the process of doing the task. Then choose one person from your group to report back to the class. Please address any pitfalls you encountered and any tips you have for doing the task. 

Please choose a timekeeper for your group right at the outset, I will end the breakout rooms at 12 minutes and you will get notice, but this can be really helpful. I am not planning on dropping in to any group, but if you need me to please send me an email at tobiason@pdx.edu and I will try to get to your questions.

Group Activity Specifics

Group 1: search for an opinion poll on your topic from any of the resources on the media/public opinion page


Group 2: search for a public law, bill or rule/executive order related to your topic on the federal or state page


Group 3: search for a research article related to your policy on the evaluation/research page (ideally Legal Collection). 


Group 4: Do a Think Tank Search on your topic. Look at the homepage of an organization to see what kind of affiliations, if any, they have.