Public Speaking & Rhetoric: Citing Sources

Citation Format?

Here are a variety of resources that will help you with citing sources for your speech. The citation format that you use in your research paper will depend on what is required by your professor. Be sure you know the requirements before you begin.

Citation Management Tools

With these tools you can collect book and article citations from the library catalog and databases. Then using a plugin for MS Word, you can insert those citations into your paper in the appropriate format. 

See the library guide, Manage Citations with Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote, on how to use these tools. The Library provides workshops and support for Zotero. 

Citation Resources

Need help in citing books and articles for your speech?  Try these online resources:

  • PSU Writing Center: you can schedule an appointment, visit the Writing Center Outpost in the library for drop-in assistance. or review their online resources.

Style Guides in the Library