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How to find Conference Proceedings

Papers presented at conferences are a major source of information in engineering. Unfortunately they can be somewhat difficult to find. If you have a paper from a conference follow this process in order to obtain a copy:

  1. Determine the sponsor of the conference. If it is one of the associations listed below in this box, follow the link to get to the paper.
  2. If it is not one of those organizations then you will need to search to see if we (or Summit) own a paper copy of the proceedings of the conference. Determine the name of the conference (not including the number, year, and location of conference).
  3. Search in the Library Catalog to see if we or any of our Summit partners owns a copy of the conference proceedings.
  4. If it is unavailable through our Library or our Summit partners then you will need to do an interlibrary loan request to get a copy of the paper.
Organizations Whose Proceedings We Subscribe To:

Indexes to Conference Proceedings:

Core Online Library Resources

These are likely to be the best online sources in which to start your research.

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