CHLA 450U: Latinos in Education: Scholarly Articles

Search the PSU Library Catalog for Scholarly Articles

Start your search for scholarly articles at the PSU Library catalog. Type your keywords into the search box on the Library homepage and run the search. Limit your search results by selecting Peer Reviewed Journals under Availability. Limit your search to the last five to ten years to review the most current research on your topic.  Pertinent articles may include links to Similar Articles!

Be sure to Sign In in order to add relevant articles to My Favorites for easy access.

Finding Recent Articles in the Library Catalog Video

This video demonstrates how to find recent newspaper and peer reviewed articles in the Portland State University Library Catalog.

Core Databases

Use databases to identify articles that have been published on your topic. The databases listed below provide academic articles regarding aspects of Chicano/Latino Studies, or they are multidisciplinary in their focus but include coverage of Chicano/Latino issues.  You may find that you want to look for topics from the perspective of particular discipline. You can choose a disciplinary database from the Library's subject listing of databases.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar has been customized by the PSU library to find some full-text articles at PSU !

Google Scholar can be extremely helpful in finding out how many times an article has been cited and who cited an article. This can help you determine how important an article is and which other authors you may want to investigate.

Make sure you're checking your discipline's databases as well, for fuller, more complete scholarly coverage of the journal articles on your topic. 

Searching for a Known Article Video: PSU Library Catalog

Three Paths to Scholarly Articles

You can use any or all of the tools below to search for articles. 


Library Catalog: search box on the library homepage

Specific Subject Database Google Scholar: search from the PSU Library website
  • Covers articles from hundreds of scholarly journals, and newspapers;
  • Searches over 400 databases at once, so article can be available in more than one database;
  • Can see immediately whether one article is available in full text, or if not, request via Interlibrary Loan directly;
  • For retrieval options anytime, anywhere, you need to sign in with your Odin account.


  • Has a more focused scope like economics or history;
  • Better interface with more search options/limiters and discipline-specific subject keywords;
  • You just need to sign in with your Odin account to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Journals from a wide range of subjects, including ones that are not indexed in the catalog;
  • The Google search engine;
  • Includes "Cited by" for articles;
  • Access to open access articles with links.

  • You need to know to lock the filters in order to change your keywords;
  • Not all PSU full text journals are indexed here;
  • May produce too many results;
  • Must sign in first to see the full results and  request options.
  • Missing journals in subject from other databases;
  • May need to use Find it @ PSU to check for full text status;
  • May have to order from Interlibrary loan through the Library website.
  • Lack of sophisticated search options/limiters
  • May produce too many results;
  • Must use Find it @ PSU to locate full text.

Best For 

  • If you already have a citation (or at least the title of the article);
  • if you are exploring a topic (especially an interdisciplinary one) and not sure where to start or what keyword(s) to use.
  • If you need to do subject-specific or advanced searches using various options/limiters.
  • If you already have a citation (or at least the title of the article);
  • If you are exploring a topic ( an interdisciplinary one) and not sure where to start or what keyword(s) to use.