USP 460 - Community Development Field Seminar: Partner Profile Research

Partner Organization Resources

In researching the partner organization, you will want to find a variety of sources. You will want to read information produced by the organization seven hands in fists outstretched to form a ringitself. Examples of such information are:

  • newsletters
  • email blasts
  • annual reports
  • other publications available via an organization's website
  • interviews with partner staff

You might also want to look for any reports about the organization's work in local news sources. The Newspapers box on this page provides some resources to discover local news. 

Consider conducting research about any social problems the organization purports so address or solve. Information on social problems can often be found in the research literature (use databases listed in the Urban Studies Databases box), but also in grey literature. Reports and white papers from government task forces or think tanks will support this research. See the links in the Government and Other Grey Literature Sources box as starting points.

Finally, tax and financial information about organizations can provide a snapshot of the context in which an organization works. The resources linked in the Tax & Financial Data box will be helpful.

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Government and Other Grey Literature Sources

Tax & Financial Data


Urban Studies Databases