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Search for Statistics

You can find statistics in newspaper articles and books, on websites, in library databases, and more. Here are some useful places to look for statistical sources.

Search the Library

  • The Library's statistics and data set resources include demographics, public opinion, consumer trends, health, crime and more along with provide local, state, national, and international information.
  • Subject Guides offer statistical and data sources in that subject area. When you are in a guide for a subject, look for a tab at the top with the label, Statistics or Data.
  • Government & Law Subject Guides have a number of statistical resources from the US government.
  • Library catalog holds books and articles with statistical information. In the Advanced Catalog Search, search for your topic, then limit the date range to the past 3, 5, or 10 years for recent information. Change one of the search options to search by Subject and type in statistics

This image shows a search for housing statistics in the United States from the last 5 years. Note that the search is looking for the subject statistics.

advanced search in P S U Library

Search the Web

There are statistical sources available on the Web. Use either the word statistics or data with your topic keywords, along with .gov, .org or, .edu to find reliable results.

This image shows a search on Google for statistics about carbon emissions. Arrows on the image point to results that vary between sponsored ads, governing bodies, and regulatory institutions.

  • Watch out for sponsored results that look like regular search results, like the British Petroleum (BP) advertisement in the image.
  • The other search results are from government (.gov) websites and organizations (.org).

statistics search on Google


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