Library DIY (beta)

Finding eBooks

Search for eBooks

Search the PSU Library catalog for eBooks. Select eBooks under Resource TypeSelect the link for Online AccessFor more information about eBooks, visit the Library's guide about Finding and Using eBooks.

e book search result with online access link

Finding books on your topic

Search for Books on Your Topic

Enter a keyword that describes your topic. Keep your search simple to find a book that is relevant. When you find a suitable book, select the item to read the Table of Contents under Details. Look for a chapter on your topic. 

Write down the general location of the book and the call number. When you find a relevant book, be sure to intellectually browse the shelves around it for more books on your topic.

Browsing books on a specific subject in the library

Browse for More Books on Your Topic

PSU Library has five floors of books! Since our books are shelved by subject, it is best to search the catalog to find a few books on your topic, then browse the shelves around that book to find more pertinent books. Enter keywords that describe your topic. Determine a relevant book, then look at the full record to find Subjects (under Details). Select a relevant subject link to find more books on your topic. This image shows the Subjects highlighted under Details in the full record.

detailed item view in P S U library catalog

Find the item on the shelf by the call number and the location. Once you find the book, intellectually browse the area for more books about your topic.

Search result with location and call number at P S U Library

Request Books from Summit

Sometimes PSU does not have a book available, but you can still request the book from another Summit library. When you request a book through Summit, it takes about 3-5 business days to get it at the PSU Library. You will be notified at your PSU email. Remember, you cannot request e-books through Summit.

Search for eBooks

Search the PSU Library catalog for eBooks. Under Resource Type, choose eBooks.

e book limit option

Finding a specific book

Search for a Specific Book

Use the catalog search box on the Library home page to find print books and eBooks by searching for the title, author, or the subject with keywords. This will search for books held by the PSU Library, Summit Libraries, and selected eBooks.

Search for Print Books and eBooks

After you run your search, select print books and/or eBooks under Resource Type. If the option to limit your search to print books or eBooks is not shown, you can expand the list by selecting Show More.

Refine my results sidebar with limit options

Search for Print Books on the Shelf at the PSU Library

Go to the top filter, Availability, and select On the Shelf at PSU for books that you can check out immediately.

Sidebar to Refine My Results with On The Shelf at P S U