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The PSU Library is currently closed.  More information about our services is available in the Library Closure FAQ.  

Help is available via Ask a Librarian.

In This Guide

This guide is intended to steer you toward research resources and support for your final project in PHE 443U - Environmental Health.

  • Choose a Topic - Find reference books and full-text online reference sources.
  • eBooks - Find books in the library and eBooks.
  • Articles & More - Find articles and other scholarly literature.
  • Data & Statistics - Find data and statistics from reputable agencies.
  • Annotated Bibliographies - Learn about annotated bibliographies and how they are different from abstracts.
  • Citing Sources - Find out how to properly cite sources.
  • Get Help - Find places to get help from librarians and the Library.

Introduction to Library Resources for PHE443U - Environmental Health

Signing in to Access Library Resources Video

This video describes the different ways to sign in to access library materials.