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Using the PSU Library Catalog

This tutorial on searching the catalog provides information about its search features while you are actually using the catalog.

Image of PSU library tutorial

PSU Library Website Tour

Watch this video to take a 2-minute tour of the PSU Library website!

Guide Editor

Kimberly Willson-St. Clair

AND, OR, or NOT in the PSU Library Catalog

When using AND, OR, or NOT to refine your search, you will need to capitalize these words in order for them to work as Boolean operators. For example,

plastics AND oceans

wages OR paychecks

jaguars NOT cars

If you have any questions or need help, Ask a Librarian.

Use Wildcards

An asterisk (*) will replace any letter or set of letters in a word, so you can retrieve variants of the word in your search results.  


allerg* results - allergy, allergies, allergens, allergic, etc.

col*r results - color, colour

Report a Resource or Video Error

The Library strives to provide accessibility to all online content. If a library resource or video is not accessible, or you cannot retrieve it or view it, please let us know using our Report an Error form.