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What is MRI-Simmons

MRI-Simmons is "the leading provider of insights on the American consumer. With thousands of attitudinal and behavioral data points, gathered through ongoing surveys and passive measurement, MRI-Simmons empowers advertisers, agencies, and media companies with deeper insights into the 'why' behind consumer behavior." 

Accessing MRI-Simmons Studies

MRI-Simmons provides different "studies" with different datasets: 

  • MRI-Simmons USA: demographics, purchase behaviors, lifestyles, psychographics (attitudes, perceptions, preferences, etc.), and media usage for US adult (18+) consumers.
  • Connect: MRI-Simmons USA plus additional data on consumer digital behaviors (e.g., smartphone, tablet, and computer usage). 
  • Local (Portland OR): demographics, purchase behaviors, lifestyles, psychographics (attitudes, perceptions, preferences, etc.), and media usage for consumers in the Portland, OR area. 

User Guides

Simmons Insights is the name for the old platform. The methodology and data interpretation are the same.