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Copper engraving of Doctor Schnabel [i.e Dr. Beak], a plague doctor in seventeenth-century Rome, with a satirical macaronic poem (‘Vos Creditis, als eine Fabel, / quod scribitur vom Doctor Schnabel’) in octosyllabic rhyming couplets.This guide is intended to support students in HSMP 574/674 Health Systems and Organizations conduct research for their final assignments. It includes the followings pages.

  • Cultures & Political Backgrounds - Find necessary information about cultures and governments to understand the social context of COVID-19.
  • News - Find international news sources as well as North American news sources with international coverage.
  • Health Agencies & Organizations - Find links to national as well as global and regional health agencies and organizations.
  • Find Literature - Find academic literature.
  • PubMed Help - Tutorial on using PubMed.
  • Get Help - Get in touch with the Library for more help with your research.

This public domain image depicts Doctor Schnabel, a plague doctor in seventeenth-century Rome.


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