Company Research: Annual Reports/Filings

Annual Report & 10-K

While the term "annual report" is often used to describe either a Form 10-K or an Annual Report to Shareholders (or ARS), there is a difference.

A public company's 10-K (or 20-F for certain foreign companies) is an excellent source of information on its business, strategies, risks, financials, and more. It presents the company's point of view on its current condition and future direction. Other SEC filings reveal important information as well. ** Private companies or subsidiaries are not required to release detailed financials, and therefore don't need to file 10-K (annual report), 10-Q (quarterly report), etc.  

Historical Annual Reports

10-Ks are available online on the SEC site (see "Recent Annual Reports" on the left) back to 1994. 10-Ks (or information from the 10-Ks) before that may be available from the following sources: