Resources for Seoul Metropolitan Government Program Scholars: Journals

Resources for Seoul Metropolitan Government Program Scholars


See Articles guide on Public Administration page for more detail.

Portland State University Library subscribes to thousands of journals, providing access to millions of academic articles. Our Journal holdings can be searched here. In Public Administration alone we hold 59 print journals and 33 online journals.

When conducting a detailed research study, I suggest beginning your search with Databases, which allow you to search many journals at once. 
There are, however, two reasons to search our journals lists:
1) If you have a citation of a specific article, you can look it up in our journals. As an example, if you're looking for Irimies, "LOBBYING AND SOCIAL PARTICIPATION--KEY FEATURES FOR AN EFFECTIVE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN ROMANIA" in Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, Dec. 2017 you can find the journal in our catalog and find the correct issue.  
2) Skimming recent issues of major journals in your field is an excellent way to see what research is taking place in your field.  As an example, you can search for the Public Administration Review and see all the articles back to 1940.  You can also use the catalog to analyze publishing trends within a specific journal.