USP 300U - Introduction to Urban Studies: News & Other Sources

Course guide to support the data lab assignment in Portland State University's Introduction to Urban Studies class

S.I.F.T. Method of Evaluation

Because anyone can make a website and publish information on the open web without it being fact checked, it’s extra important to critically evaluate what you find before you include it in your academic research.  The S.I.F.T. method lays out 4 moves, or steps you can take, as you investigate each source.

SIFT: Stop. Investigate the source.  Find better coverage.  Trace claims, quotes and media to the original context.

News & Media Sources

More info on S.I.F.T.

Scholarly, Professional, Popular?

When you have a research assignment , note what types of articles are required evidence for your thesis or question. Some professors require you to use only scholarly peer-reviewed journals while others might allow professional or trade journals and newspapers.

Scholarly article - Peer-reviewed or scholarly articles are written by an expert or scholar in the field and reviewed by peers who are experts in the same subject.

Professional/trade article - Trade or professional journals have articles written by experts in the field or by staff writers. The articles are reviewed by the editor. The articlesusually do not include reference lists.

Popular journals - Popular journals or magazines are written for a general audience rather than for professionals or scholars. Examples include the New Yorker, National Geographic, and the Rolling Stone.