Database Tutorial: Passport -- Finding Industry Reports: Company Profiles

Finding Company Profiles in Passport

Find profiles on major companies. May include SWOT analysis, competitive positioning, brand strategy, and other in-depth analysis from a marketing perspective.

Two ways to search:

  • Click on Companies on the top navigation menu, or..
  • Type in company name in the main search box

# Click on Companies on the top navigation menu:

1. Click on Companies on the top navigation menu:

click on companies on the top navigation bar

2. Type in company name. The database will automatically find the correct match if there are profiles on it:

company name auto complete

3. Click on the correct suggestion (sometimes there are multiple suggestions), and you will see all company profiles by industry (if the company operates in multiple industries):

company profiles collection

4. Click on the industry you want, e.g., Soft Drinks in this example, then click on a company profile. Many companies have both Global Company Profile (info on the company as a whole) and Local Company Profile (info on a subsidiary in a specific country). The Global Company Profile provides in-depth analysis from a marketing perspective, and some include a SWOT section. 

company profile pg


# Type in company name in the main search box:

1. Type in company name then look under the ANALYSIS section for suggestions. Click VIEW ALL RESULTS for more results: 

search by company name

2. Review the results to find the one you want, or use the REFINE YOUR SEARCH menu on the left side of the page to narrow down the results:

refine search