Database Tutorial: Passport -- Finding Industry Reports: Industry Reports

Finding industry reports in Passport

Industry Reports are called Country Reports in Passport. These are reports on particular industries in a country (e.g., Pet Products in Japan, Hair Care in Brazil). Reports cover general trends and industry forecast, market size, market shares (both by company and by brand), retail channels, and more. 

Below are two main ways to search for these reports:

  • Use the SEARCH ANALYSIS block to browse then filter results. 
  • Search by keyword.

1. Find the SEARCH ANALYSIS block (make sure the Industries radio button is selected by default), use the drop-down menus CHOOSE INDUSTRY, then CHOOSE GEOGRAPHY (country), then click GO. On the results page, under Filter Analysis (left menu), choose Country Reports under By Analysis to display only industry reports in this category for this country. 

search analysis ===> 


Most reports will look like the one below with the following sections: 

  • ANALYSIS: descriptive industry analysis (e.g., trends, forecasts, competitive landscape) with some market size/share data.
  • DATAGRAPHICS: market size, market shares, retail channels, etc..
  • CONTEXT: industry retail sales by region, economic data, etc..
  • DOWNLOAD: download the entire report as one PDF.
  • RELATED: reports on related industries 

report view


2. To search by keyword, enter industry keywords in the search box on the database homepage. Results contain both STATISTICS and ANALYSIS. ANALYSIS includes company profiles, country reports, etc.. Click VIEW ALL RESULTS to find the full list of matches:

search by keyword