Database Tutorial: Investext (via Mergent Online): Find Company Reports (e.g., SWOT)

Find all reports related to a company

If you just want to quickly view all analyst reports on a company, you can do so in Mergent Online: find the company profile, click on the Reports tab, then click on Broker Research Reports.

Find company reports containing particular keywords (e.g., SWOT Reports)

Select the date range you want, then click on the plus (+) sign to add the search criteria (e.g., Company Name/Ticker). You can also click Select All Criteria to display the full menu. To search by ticker, change the pull down menu from the default Name to Ticker, enter ticker, then click Submit. You can click View to see all the reports now, or add more criteria: 

enter company name or ticker


To limit reports to only those that contain certain keywords, click on + before Keywords. In the drop-down menu, choose where you want to search for the keyword (Headline or Whole Report). Click Submit again, and you will see the number of reports that match all criteria (published within the last 12 months, covering the ticker SBUX, and containing the keyword SWOT anywhere in the report). Click View to see the full list of reports:

enter keyword


** Tips on searching by keyword:

Multiple keywords in one search box => results will treat the keywords as phrase:

phrase search

Multiple keywords separated by comma => results will contain all keywords (but not necessarily next to each other):

all words


To be more precise, you can limit the results to only Company (Equity) Reports:

company reports

You will get a list of the reports. Click View under Keyword Hits to see where the keyword shows up (keywords are highlighted in yellow). Click on the PDF icon to view and download the full report in PDF.  

list of reports


Check the boxes under Select to download or email one or more reports:

download or email reports