SW 320U Introduction to Child Welfare: Developing Your Search

Research 101: Searching is Strategic Video

The Searching is Strategic video (2014) was created by Anna Eisen from the University Libraries, University of Washington.

Before You Search

1. Identify your information need

For beginning your search for research articles, consider your research question and identify the key components. 

How does teenage bullying impact school performance?

  • Concept 1: Bullying
  • Concept 2: School performance
  • Concept 3/Population: Teenager

Also, consider the other criteria; for example: Do you need peer-reviewed articles? Do you need the most recent research or an overview of how the research has evolved over time? 

2. Define your terms

Do any of the concepts need to be operationalized or more focused? Remember, the variables need to be measurable in some way.  

For example, what does "school performance" mean? We'll need to decide if we want to look at academic achievement (measurable via grades, graduation rates, etc. or something captured via an instrument or survey (like strong social networks).

3. Brainstorm synonyms or related terms that might be helpful for the search

  • Concept 1: Bullying, harassment
  • Concept 2: Academic achievement, grades, high school completion
  • Concept 3/Population: Students, adolescents