Health Education & Promotion: Consumer Health

Information Evaluation for Health Educators

Health Education and Health Promotion are fields where your abilities to critically think about and evaluate information are key. Working with the public means you will be an expert in understanding the validity and evidence behind detailed and sometimes complicated health information. You will be synthesizing what you read and learn and communicate with the general public. The resources on this page point to credible consumer health information, and also provide you with some tools to continue evaluating the information you find. 

S.I.F.T. Method of Evaluation

Because anyone can make a website and publish information on the open web without it being fact checked, it’s extra important to critically evaluate what you find before you include it in your academic research.  The S.I.F.T. method lays out 4 moves, or steps you can take, as you investigate each source.

SIFT: Stop. Investigate the source.  Find better coverage.  Trace claims, quotes and media to the original context.


Consumer Health Websites