USP 316 - Community Organizing & Social Change: Identifying Your Movement

Finding Your Interest

It may help you to browse some of the books listed in the middle column of this page to find events or social movements that are of interest to you.

You may be tempted to investigate very recent events. However, there will be less scholarly work written and published about these events, and you may not be able to assess these events' impacts as you have been asked to do for your assingnment.

Finding Books

Once you've narrowed down the event or movement you'd like to study, you might search for books on the topic. Brainstorm good keywords that may help you. For example, if you were looking for materials about the Occupy Wall Street events, your keyword brainstorm list might look like this.

  • Occupy Wall Street
  • capitalism
  • credit card
  • bail out
  • banks
  • protest
  • occupation
  • financial crisis
  • federal reserve
  • debt
  • unemployment