Religion: Citing Sources

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious issue that can have serious negative consequences. Sometimes plagiarism is unintentional, so take a look at this plagiarism guide to ensure that you don't unintentially plagiarize in your paper.

Citation Generators

Citation Generators make it easy to cite your sources in the correct format. Click here to see a list of free citation generators.

Citation Management Tools

The following tools allow you to collect book and article citations from the library catalog and databases and (using a plugin for MS Word) insert those citations into your paper in the appropriate format. Some of the tools make it easier to import citations from the catalog and databases than others.

The library has created a detailed guide on how to choose and how to use each of these tools.

Citation Guidance on the Web

Print Style Guides in the PSU Library

Cite Books and Articles from PSU's Catalog

A Plagiarism Carol

An object lesson on the potentially life-changing consequences of plagiarism. Note: if you don't speak Norwegian, click the "cc" icon to see the English subtitles.