Medieval History: Secondary Sources

Resources for researching history from 400 to 1500.

Articles in Library Databases

History Books

Books (also called monographs) are essential to historians. Books can be written by one person or include a series of essays by several historians. One strategy to find books on your topic is to use a keyword search to find relevant subjects. For example, I searched the keyword phrase medieval social history in the Portland State Library Catalog. The second result seemed very relevant, a book called Economic and Social History of Medieval EuropeI clicked on the Details tab, then I looked at the subject headings listed. Clicking on a subject heading will get me quickly to many more books on the same topic.

hyperlinked subject headings

From the Royal Library of Denmark

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Medieval Portland

Medieval Portland gathers resources that are now in Portland, Oregon for learning about medieval Europe and the Middle East.

The research presented in the database is from both published sources as well as original research by students in the Medieval Portland Capstone taught by Anne McClanan, Professor of Art History at Portland State University.