Music: Find Books and Scores

Requesting Books from Summit

When you find an item in the catalog, if you see Find & Request under the title, that means that the book is not in our collection but is held at one of our partner libraries. You can request the book by clicking on Find & Request (sign in at the upper right corner of the page to do this) and selecting Request from Summit. It takes approximately five days to receive an item through Summit.

Requesting Books through ILL

If a book you need for your research is not available in our collection or Summit, we can get it for you! Just request it through Interlibrary Loan. Please note: it can take up to 12 days to receive a book through interlibrary loan.

Online Scores

Where are Music Books in the Library?

Portland State University Library Catalog: Search the PSU Library Catalog for information about books, journals, videos, government documents, and other materials owned by the Library. You may search by keywords, author, title, or subject headings.

Browsing: One can search the library shelves by call number in order to locate information on a topic; call numbers can help get you to the "right neighborhood" in the library stacks.

Primary Location = Third Floor shelves, in call number order
Encompasses books and journal articles that are primarily verbal commentaries about works of music rather than the actual music itself.

ML: represents the literature of music, including biography; history and criticism; opera librettos; and bibliography.

MT: represents musical instruction and study, including composition; improvisation; orchestra and orchestration; conducting, etc.

PSU Library Catalog:
In the catalog you can refine your search to limit the results to just books, audio, ebooks, etc.  After you've done an initial search of the whole catalog, look to the left side of the screen.  Under Refine My Results, choose the resource type you are looking for.

Map of the Third Floor Music titles

Printed Music & Scores

Call Number = M
Primary Location = The Scores are located in the regular stacks on the Third Floor.

Notated music of all kinds; musical scores, sheet music, anthologies of pieces of music; instrumental music; vocal music; unidentified compositions, etc.

Oversize scores are located on the Second Floor in the Oversize section.

PSU Library Catalog

The PSU Library Catalog includes books, journals, selected articles, and other items from Portland State and libraries in the Pacific Northwest (Summit system). 

To find PSU's holdings of musical scores, select the material type Scores in the advanced search option along with your keywords.

limit results to scores in P S U catalog

 WorldCat Advanced Search

To access Portland State WorldCat, note that both Search WorldCat and Search Google Scholar are options located below the left column on the search results page.  A query in WorldCat searches libraries located globally (aka Worldcat Libraries). You can pre limit your search to books, journals, DVDs,  music scores, or books about music, or music recordings. Includes citations to journal articles, but is not a comprehensive article database. You can limit your search then enter your search term(s) in the box at the top of the screen and click on the "Search" button.

Click on the "Advanced Search" link. On the next viewscreen, scroll down to "Narrow your search" and highlight a category under "Format" such as "Musical Score," or "Sound Recording," 

Map for Music Locations on the Library's Third Floor

Music Resources are Available during All Open Library Hours!