Race, Technology, and Justice: Algorithms and Bias

This guide provides access points to resources related to the intersection of Race, Technology, and Social Justice


Safiya Noble writes that "the near-ubiquitous use of algorithmically driven software, both visible and invisible to everyday people, demands a closer inspection of what values are prioritized in such automated decision-making systems." and then goes on, "part of the challenge of understanding algorithmic oppression is to understand that mathematical formulations to drive automated deci- sions are made by human beings. While we often think of terms such as “big data” and “algorithms” as being benign, neutral, or objective, they are anything but." (Algorithms of Oppression, 1) 

This page contains a number of resources that address the issues above. The resources here also point us in the direction of important voices on the topics of Algorithms and Bias, Race and Technology, and A.I?.

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