Human Resource Management and Management & Leadership: Peer Review

Is it peer-reviewed?

The Peer Review Process Video

Link to video about peer review process

3 minute video on the peer review process, created by the North Carolina State University Libraries:

Finding peer-reviewed articles

Both the Library Catalog and the library article databases (e.g., Business Source Premier) offer the option to limit your results to only articles from peer-reviewed journals:

Library Catalog: enter keywords, then on the left side of the initial results screen, click on "Peer-reviewed Journals": 

Peer Reviewed Journal limit option

Business Source Premier: do an initial search, then on the left side of the results page, under Limit To, check the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals box:

 scholarly journal limit option

Google Scholar:

Do a search, then use Ulrich's (below) or check publisher website to verify if the journal is peer-reviewed. 


  • The peer-reviewed tools above aren't 100% accurate! Sometimes a peer-reviewed journal identified this way is academic/scholarly, but not necessarily peer-reviewed. To be 100% sure if a journal is actually peer-reviewed/refereed, use Ulrichs (link below) to double check. You can also google the journal; the publisher's website often indicates if a journal if peer-reviewed or not.
  • Even if the journal is peer-reviewed, the article may not be. A journal may have a mix of peer-reviewed articles (usually research/scholarly pieces with abstract, methodology, discussion, etc.) and non peer-reviewed ones (e.g., editorials, book reviews). 
  • Ulrichs is NOT a tool to look for peer-reviewed articles. It's simply a tool to verify whether a journal is peer-reviewed (Ulrichs calls peer-reviewed "refereed" with the refereed icon in Ulrich's icon; they mean the same thing).