Passport (Database Tutorial)  

How to use Passport to find country, industry, and consumer information on both domestic and international markets.
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Access Passport Here

  • Passport  

    Contains extensive statistics and analyses on countries, industries, companies, and consumers.


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In this Guide

logoIn this guide you will learn how to use Passport, a premier library database that provides country, industry, and consumer data and analyses on both domestic (US) and international markets.

What is Passport?

A comprehensive market research database with detailed statistics and expert analyses on global markets and consumers. Focuses on consumer products and services.

What kind of information is available in Passport?

  • Country data and analyses: economy, finance, trade, labor, technology, infrastructure, environment, etc.
  • Country-specific industry/market data and analyses: e.g., apparel market in Brazil or wine market in China. Detailed information covers market size, market shares, production and trade, trends, and more. Focuses on consumer products and services.
  • Company profiles (for top companies in an industry): strategic positioning, brand strategy, competitive analysis, market assessment, etc..

What's the best way to use Passport?

  • Guided Searches on the Homepage: get to data and reports quickly or create a visual representation of the data
  • Browse: to get information on a specific category or generate a ranked list based on category or geography.
  • Menu Search: to generate comparisons based on multiple criteria.
  • Keyword Search: to search with specific keywords and get results across categories.

    Help & Tutorials

    After logging in Passport, click on icon on the top database menu for videos and data definitions, etc..

    Tutorials on finding specific items in Passport:


    Create a Profile

    Take full advantage of the database by creating a free individual profile that will allow you to create Alerts, get RSS feeds, save your own research, and share persistent links with other registered users.

    ** You don't have to create a profile to use Passport! The profile just provides some added features for power users.

    To create the profile, just click Log In on the upper right corner of the database homepage and then click Register New User Here.

    Use your PSU email otherwise the request will be rejected.