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RIA Checkpoint: Keyword Search

Before entering the keyword

Click on Search, select your practice area (e.g., Federal), and select your sources (e.g., Primary Source Materials -- you can select all of them or individual sources):

screenshot of search

Conducting a keyword search

The default search is Intuitive Search. Like a Google search, it interprets your query (a sentence, terms & connectors, or a citation) and returns the most relevant results according to the database algorithm. The Terms & Connectors method is used for a more precise search. Click on the ? to see the difference between the methods. The Thesaurus/Query Tool provides synonyms, related terms, and available connectors (e.g., "", &, |, ^, and more).

screenshot of search

When you use the Intuitive Search mode, as you type the database will make suggestions of popular search terms:

screenshot of keyword search