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FIN 449 Valuation: Articles

Research Suggestions

If you are looking for articles on a specific topic, use the resources listed in the box Business Articles (the databases listed cover a mix of academic journals, trade publications, and newspapers) as well as Google Scholar (academic articles). 

If you have the citation of an article or at least the title and wonder if PSU provides access to the full text, review the tutorial listed in the How to Find... Specific Articles... box. 

Business Articles

Search databases across multiple publications:

Direct access to specific publications:

Search Google Scholar

Journal Title Search

How to...Find Specific Articles....

If you have an article citation or the title of an article, check the library guide, Find Specific Articles in Full Text.

Searching for Articles

Most databases don't behave the same way as Google does. Sometimes entering a long string of keywords in one search box is telling the database to search them as a sentence, resulting in few or no hits. Break down your idea into multiple keywords, and combine them with AND. Below is a video tutorial on using Business Source Premier for articles: