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Culturally Responsive & Inclusive Curriculum Resources: Research Strategies for CRC

General Strategies

Here are some specific strategies we have found useful in finding resources on the topic of culturally responsive and inclusive curriculum.

Try your search in five different types of databases for optimal coverage:

  1. Education Databases - ERIC and Education Research Complete are the best for peer reviewed articles.  The Professional Development Collection is also good as it includes practioner journals and magazines. 
  2. Complementary Databases - these are ones in the content area you are looking for, like Biology, History, Computer Science, etc. Many of these "content" databases also contain articles on pedagogy and teaching.
  3. Ethnic Newswatch - This database includes newspapers, magazines and community publications of the ethnic, minority, and native presses. It also includes scholarly articles on ethnicities and ethnic studies.
  4. Google Scholar - Because it's interdisciplinary it can be a good place to start.
  5. PSU Catalog - Many of the topics you are searching for have been around for a long time, so there may be books or book chapters on your topic.

Article Bibliographies - As always these are a great source of resources to follow up on.

Cited By Searching - If you find a seminal article, type the title into Google Scholar or Web of Science to find out who has subsequently cited your source. Many of these articles may be on the topic you are looking for.

K-12 - A lot of work has been done in K-!2 education around culturally responsible and inclusive practices. Be prepared to learn from their models and adapt them to higher education.

Similar Themes - You may not find exactly what you are looking for in your content area. If you are looking for an article in the field of Environmental Science, but find a great one in Biology, be flexible and adapt it!

Relevant Education Database Search Terms

ERIC has some very powerful educational subject terms. Here are some examples you can use to find information on culturally responsive curricula and teaching in higher education:

Culturally relevant education


Social discrimination

Controversial issues (Course Content)

Transformative learning

Teaching methods

Multicultural education

Ethnic groups

Racial discrimination

Classroom environment

Social justice


Social integration

Minority groups

Social distance

Postsecondary education

Critical literacy



Student diversity

Gender bias


Course content