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Indigenous Nations Studies: Books

PSU Library Catalog

Subject Headings

*Subject headings are the terms libraries use to organize materials. Try using them as search terms in the catalog:

Geographical Area 
Indians of North America -- Oregon 
Indians of North America --West 
Indians of North America--Southern States 
Indians of South America -- Andes Region 
Indians of Mexico 

Algonquin Indians 
Navajo Indians 
Klamath Indians 
Northern Paiute Indians 
Chinook Indians 

Canadian literature -- Native authors
Indian art 
Indian beadwork
Indians -- Cultural Assimilation 
Indians -- History 
Indians of North America -- Agriculture 
Indians of North America -- Food
Indians of North America -- Ethnobotany

Note: these are just a few examples. When you find a useful book, look under the Details tab in the catalog record for additional subject headings.

*Subject headings use "Indians" rather than "Native American."

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