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Special Education: Articles

Recommended Databases

These are likely to be the best online sources in which to start your research.

Related Databases

While not specifically education resources, depending on your topic, these could be excellent sources.

Key Journals


This list includes some of the major journals in the field of special education.

The links will take you to a clickable list of the databases in which these journals are available.

The library holds many additional journals in special education.

Exceptional Children  

Research in developmental disabilities  

Journal of learning disabilities 

American journal on mental retardation  (Title changed to American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities in 2009.)

Journal of emotional and behavioral disorders

Journal of fluency disorders 

Journal of positive behavior interventions 

Journal of special education  

Journal of intellectual disability research  

How to Find Articles

Find it @ PSU

If the article you have found in a database doesn't have the full-text right there, click on the button to see if the article is available in full-text in another database.

If we do have it, it will take you to a page that shows you where it's available

(if you see a Download Article link, you can click to access the electronic copy).

Interlibrary Loan When We Don't Have It

If we don't have a journal article you need for your research in our collection, we can get it for you!

Just request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Please note: it can take 5 days to a week or more to secure an article from another library.

Find a specific article

If you have the citation for a specific article, here are two ways to find it:

1. Go to the PSU Google Scholar (availabe under "Research Tools" on the library homepage).

Type in the article title and see if a link comes up.

If it doesn't try the second way below.


2. Go to the library catalog on the library homepage.

Type the journal title into the search box.

If PSU has the journal it will show up. It may be in print or online,  just follow the links.

If we don't have your journal article try interlibrary loan.