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Physics: Find Books

Guide for Library Research in Physics

PSU Library Catalog - Books

Results include both print and ebooks, available from Portland State Library and the Summit Libraries.

Find Books Using Subject Headings

Browsing the library shelves by call number ranges is another strategy for locating information on a topic; call numbers can help you get to the "right neighborhood" in the library stacks.

QB42 -62 Astronomy textbooks
QC21-23 Physics textbooks
QC19.2 - 20.85 Mathematical Physics
QC114 - 168 Mechanics
QC170 - 197 Atomic Physics
QC221 - 246 Acoustics
QC251-338 Thermodynamics
QC350 - 467 Optics
QC474 - 496 Radiation Physics
QC501 - 766 Electricity and Magnetism
QC770 - 798 Nuclear and Particle Physics
QC801 - 849 Geophysics
QC851 -999 Meteorology/Climatology


PhD Dissertations and Master's Theses offer in-depth research on a wide array of topics. To find dissertations and theses written by Portland State University students, search Vikat, the PSU Library Catalog, and follow these steps:

(1) Select Advanced Keyword Search
(2) Leave the default, Any Field selected and enter a broad topic (eg: Physics) in the search box
(3) Using the "Limit to" drop-down list, select PSU Theses & Dissertations

The following resource, Dissertations and Masters Theses, allows you to search for dissertations and theses published outside of the University.

New Books

Click here to view a list of science books that have arrived at the library in the past two weeks.

Requesting Books from Summit

When you find an item in the catalog, if you see Summit Libraries under Libraries that own this item:, that means that the book is not in our collection but is held at one of our partner libraries. You can request the book by clicking on the book's title and then selecting the Request Summit Item link on the next page. It takes approximately five days to receive an item through Summit.

Requesting Books through ILL

If a book you need for your research is not available in our collection or Summit, we can get it for you! Just request it through interlibrary loan. Please note: it can take up to 12 days to receive a book through interlibrary loan.