MGMT 491 - Dixon: Searching for Peer-reviewed Journal Articles


There are a few different ways to search for articles in your approved list of journals:

  • Use Dave's method: see video in the Team Project Instruction document (Canvas).
  • Use the Google Scholar search box below or click on the Google Scholar link under the box: you don't need to set up Google Scholar as it's already proxied (you will be asked to log in with your PSU ID). Search with the same method (but without setting up Google Scholar) as Dave demonstrated in his video. 
  • Enter journal title in the Journal Title Search box below. Pick the journal package with the most current coverage, and search within the journal package.  

Search Techniques:

  • To search by an exact phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase. For example, "leadership training" 
  • To use synonyms in order to broaden the search, use the connector OR. For example, evaluation OR assessment
  • To use Advanced Search in Google Scholar, click the menu icon on the upper left corner of Google Scholar, then click Advanced Search.
  • To search within multiple journals in Google Scholar: for example, training (source:"leadership quarterly" OR source:"organization science" OR source:"human relations")

Search Google Scholar


Journal Title Search