Database Tutorial: Mergent Online: Generate a List of Companies

Generate a List of Companies using Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search to generate a list of companies by multiple criteria:

  • Click on the Advanced Search tab.
  • If you only need active companies or US companies, uncheck the other options from the Target Universe.
  • Click on the tabs (Corporate Information, etc.) for available selection criteria. Click the + sign to add specific criteria or click Select All Criteria to add all criteria under the tab. 
  • In the following example, I am trying to generate a list of active US companies in the SIC code 6021 with total revenue over $1,000,000, so I used the Industry Codes and Financials tabs.
  • After selecting a criterion, click Submit to view the total matches. 
  • Note the drop-down menu after the number of matches. It includes and and or, which means you can combine multiple criteria. 
  • Click View at the end of the final criterion to view the companies that match all the criteria. 

advanced search

After you have viewed the list of companies, you can generate a multiple company report, or do a side-by-side financial comparison:

  • Click on Company Analysis List (500 limit).
  • Select one of the options (add all companies in the current list or only select companies). 

add to company comparison list


Click on My Mergent Tools on the upper right hand side of the page, then click on the Company Analysis List (which now includes the companies you've selected). You will see a new pop-up window that lets you create a multiple company report, or do a company comparison report. 

  • The Multiple Company Report (the default option) will be one document that lists multiple companies with selected information items (Company A... Company B... Company C...)
  • The Company Comparison Report (you must click on the link to switch over) will provide a side-by-side financial comparison of multiple companies. 

multiple co report