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Latin American Studies: Welcome

Researching Latin American Studies

Latin Studies is an interdisciplinary field, and, depending on your research topic, it can be difficult to know where to start. This research guide offers an overview of key resources for Latin Studies. If you have questions, please stop by the Reference Desk on the second floor of the Library.

The following library databases are good starting points to find books and articles on a range of topics in Latin American Studies. Try combining two different keywords in a search, as in these examples: 

  • Brazil and immigration 
  •  Mexico City and art 
  •  Guatemala and language

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Encyclopedias are a great place to start your research. They'll give you important background information and refer you to essential resources for more information.

Subject Guide

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Michelle Desilets


This guide was created with the considerable help of Allen Hauser.