Find a Specific Article or Journal: Search for an Article by Title

Search Articles and Get Full Text from the Library Catalog

You can search the PSU Library Catalog for the full text of articles. Type or copy and paste the article title into the search box.

Look for the correct article from your search results. You will see you will see either a green "Online Access" link or a blue "Find & Request" link. 

  • The "Online Access" link means that full text access to the article is immediately available.
  • The "Find & Request" link means that PSU does not have access to the article, but you can request it through Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery.

For articles with a "Online Access" link, click the link, then follow the provider link to the full text. 

Sometimes there are multiple links; they all should take you to the article, but if one doesn't work, try another.

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article online access in the catalog

Report a Resource or Video Error

The Library strives to provide accessibility to all online content. If a library resource or video is not accessible, or you cannot retrieve it or view it, please let us know using our Report an Error form.

Search for a Known Article Video Tutorial

No Full Text Access? Request It.

Request the article through using the article record in the catalog. When the article is available, you will be notified via your email. This process takes about 24 hours or less.

For more information on how to request items in the catalog, please see the Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery webpage. 

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Report a Resource Error

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