Holocaust and Genocide Studies: Welcome

In This Guide

This guide will help you find sources related to holocaust and genocide studies.

Use the tabs above to navigate through the following pages of the guide:

  • Find Articles - Tips for searching and links to multidisciplinary and subject-specific databases related to holocaust and genocide studies.
  • Journals - Links to journals in the library collection focused on the holocaust and related research areas.
  • Find Books - Tips for finding books in the library collection
  • More Resources - Data sources, research methods, and more. 
  • Cite Sources - Information on citation formats, citation management tools and more.

Getting Started

How do you know which discipline to choose? Here's one strategy: try searching for your topic (or some smaller parts of it) in encyclopedias, and take note of which discipline has the most coverage of that topic. The link below leads to a database that searches a wide rage of social sciences encyclopedias. 

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