Discovery of Scholarly Open Access Content: Open STEM

Looking for access to scholarship without having to sign in? This guide provides pathways to finding scholarly open access content and highlights major initiatives with digital humanities and open scholarship

Preprint Repositories for STEM Scholarship

  • ArXiv Contains preprints from these disciplines:  physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics
  • BioRxiv the preprint service for biology
  • ChemRxiv the preprint service for chemistry
  • Engrxiv the open archive of engineering
  • MDPI Preprints preprints hosted by the multidisciplinary digital publishing institute (MDPI)
  • OSF Preprints the open science foundation's main preprint portal

Other Sources for Open Scholarship in STEM

  • DOAB directory of open access books
  • DOAJ directory of open access journals
  • Elementa: the science of the anthropocene
  • MIT Press Open MIT Press open access platform
  • PeerJ life and environment open journals
  • PLOS: public library of science open journals
  • SSRN a multidisciplinary elibrary