Policing & Corrections: Books & eBooks

What is a subject heading?

Subject headings are a formalized way of of searching library catalogs. The right subject heading can help you get to information more quickly.

For example, restorative justice can be described using the following terms:

  • restorative justice
  • alternative justice
  • community justice

You could search the library catalog for all those keywords. Or, use one subject heading, restorative justice, to find all of the library's materials about restorative justice:

Who determines subject headings? The Library of Congress. Copies of the complete set of the Library of Congress Subject Headings are available at the Reference Desk.

Selected Books

Browse for Books

Sometimes browsing the library stacks can help you find books you didn't even know you were looking for. The following are good areas to peruse. 

  • BF: Psychology
  • HB, HC: Economic theory and conditions
  • HM: Sociology
  • HT, JF: Public administration
  • HV: Criminology and criminal justice
  • JK: US politics and government
  • KF: US law
  • KFO: Oregon law

Maps of the library are available at the 2nd floor Reference Desk, elevator lobbies, and also online.

eBook Collections

For a comprehensive list of ebook packages, please visit the Databases and Articles page to sort library resources by ebook format. The following are recommended for starters.

PSU Library Catalog - Book Search


Results include both print books and ebooks, available from Portland State Library and other libraries.

Find Books by Subject

resource type limit options in P S U library catalog

After you execute a search in the Portland State Library catalog, click on the "books" facet to limit your search results to only books. Click on "eBooks" to limit your results to eBooks.

After you find a useful book, look in the "Details" section of the book's catalog entry at "Subjects." Here you'll find a list of related subjects that you might consider adding to your search. You can also click on a subject link in the record, e.g. clicking on "Recidivism -- Prevention" would bring up a list of all the Library's books, journals, etc. on that topic.  

hyperlinked subjects in a P S U library catalog record

To modify your search to include a subject, use the advanced search. The advanced search allows you to type in your desired subject and be sure to specify your search field as "Subject."

advanced search using subjects in P S U library catalog

Useful Subjects

Subjects in Policing & Corrections

  • Community-based Corrections

  • Correctional Personnel

  • Corrections

  • Crime Prevention

  • Discrimination in Law Enforcement

  • Evidence, criminal

  • Imprisonment

  • Law Enforcement

  • Life Imprisonment

  • Parole

  • Police

  • Police Patrol

  • Police-Community Relations

  • Policewomen

  • Prison Administration

  • Prison Sentences

  • Prisons

  • Public Safety

  • Recidivism

  • Restorative Justice

Finding eBooks

Use the search box on the Ebooks page to quickly find books the Library has available online. 

EBook online access link