Clinical Social Work: Guidelines, Meta-Analyses & Systematic Reviews

Evidence Based Practice Databases

Researchers may also be interested in consulting the State of Oregon's Department of Human Services Addictions and Mental Health Services unit who publish a webpage of approved evidence-based practices and process in compliance with SB 267

Primary Research Article Databases

Search Strategies

Search the database most appropriate for your topic for systematic reviews or meta-analyses. If none are found, move to the most appropriate disciplinary database. 

screenshot of systematic review methodology limit option in PsycINFO

Focus on finding original research studies as opposed to literature reviews. 

If you are still not finding useful articles, consider that your search may be too narrow. Sometimes you need to find items that are similar enough to your question that you can extrapolate the findings. 

  • Databases such as PubMed (MEDLINE) and PsycINFO have limits that can be applied for systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, and qualitative research.
  • Adding the term "systematic review" or "meta-analysis" to your search is another strategy for limiting your search.
  • Look for research that had a study population similar to your client.
  • Look for key indicators of empirical research in the title and abstract, such as references to an experimental group and control ground comparison, or a stated research methodology.