Demonstrate Your Impact: Manage Your Identity

Why Manage Your Identity?

" "Managing your researcher identity can enhance your metrics to be more reliable and consistent. There are several ways you can work to manage your research identity including:

  • publishing consistently with the same name and initials;
  • monitoring and managing your profiles in services such as Google Scholar; and
  • registering for and using author identifier an profile tools such as an ORCID, or SciENcv.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Chris Hartman

Considerations for Researcher Profiles

Researcher profiles can be a great tools to use to maximize impact of your work and connect with researchers globally. However, there are important considerations when using proprietary tools such as and ResearchGate:

  • carefully read user licenses to see who owns what you upload to sites;
  • know your rights to your work; and
  • be careful of marketization of your works.

You might also consider how many profiles you'd like to manage. Having multiple profiles over different platforms that you must manage separately can be time consuming. Consider managing one or two that are most useful, and those that link to others for consistency.

Linking Your Profiles

Many of the researcher profile sites can be linked. Using an ORCID and ResearcherID, for example, can also display in databases such as PubMed and Web of Science. Similarly, SciENcv will link to ORCID and vice versa. 

Researcher Profiles