SOC 591 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology: Review Articles & Background Info

Annual Reviews

Find Literature Review Articles

Literature review articles can be very helpful in providing background information for your research.

In order to find these articles quickly, add "Literature Review" OR "Review of the Literature" as a title field search in the database. 

Or, if available, utilize research methodology selection for "literature review". 


Handbooks are similar to encyclopedias, but more focused and more in-depth on a specific area. Handbooks typically have 5-10 pages of citations at the end of the summary, great for discovering the citations you need for your research.


Encyclopedias are tremendously useful resources, especially for researching a new topic. Encyclopedias provide summaries of research topics to get you up to speed quickly: important research findings and researchers, discussions and critiques of theoretical models and methodologies. The summary is followed by a bibliography, leading you to the important articles and books in that area.

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Results include both print books and ebooks, available from Portland State Library and other libraries.