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If you have the citation for a specific article, here is how you can figure out if PSU has the article and (if we do) get to it in full-text:

  1. In the Journal Title Search box above this, do a search for the title of the journal (not the article title).
  2. You'll then be taken into the catalog which will either display your title or will display a page that says Your entry ___ would be here. If you get that message, make sure you spelled the title correctly. If you did, then we probably don't have that journal in our collection and you will need to request the article through interlibrary loan.
  3. If we do have the journal, it will show up as either a print volume, an electronic volume (which will say [electronic resource] after the title) or both. You'll need to click on the linked title to see what our coverage is in each format.
    • If the journal is in print, it will show you the call number and location under Location and will show what years the library has under Library has.
    • If the journal is available online, it will show you what database or databases hold the journal and what years are available electronically. You can then click on the title of the database to get to the online journal and then browse by date or search by title (depending on the database) for your article.

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Using Bibliographies

A bibliography, in this context, is a book or electronic resource that lists primarily books and journal articles on a specific topic. A bibliography can be either a selective or exhaustive list of sources, it may just be a list of citations or could include annotations. Works included may be selected because of their publication date, or their importance, or their origin. Bibliographies are particularly useful when you need to do exhaustive research on your topic or if you need to find literature published during a period not covered by the electronic resources.

Introduction to the history of the Muslim East: A bibliographical guide
Z3013 .S314 | 5th Floor

Middle East and Islam: A bibliographical introduction
Z3013 .M48 1979 | 5th Floor

Islam in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa
The bibliography contains over 4,300 references from European language sources about Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa, from around 1960 to 2005.

The Islamic revival since 1988 : a critical survey and bibliography
Z7835 .M6 H24 1997 | 5th Floor

Women in Islamic Societies: A selected review of the social scientific literature
A literature review prepared by the Federal Research Division at the Library of Congress in 2005 that includes recent empirical social science scholarship addressing women's lives in Muslim societies. Along with bibliographic citations of the major works and representative studies related to various aspects of Muslim women's lives, the study presents "analyses of empirical findings that emerge from these bodies of literature."

World Bibliographical Series
Volumes covers history, geography, economics, politics, religion, sociology, anthropology, and culture of an individual country.

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