Consumer Research: Books

New Strategist Publications

New Strategist has a series of books on consumer demographics, spending, and lifestyles. Most of them are based on data from Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics. The repackaged data with analysis are more user-friendly than the raw data, although may not be as current. 

Most notable books from this publisher:

Search Strategy

Try the following keywords (preferably as a Subject) in the library catalog:

  • consumer behavior
  • consumers -- attitudes
  • consumers' preferences
  • consumer research
  • consumer profiling
  • customer loyalty
  • customer relations
  • customer satisfaction
  • women consumers
  • target marketing
  • market segmentation

It's always a good idea to do a broad search, pick a book that's similar to what you are looking for, then use the "subjects" to get more. For example, if you are looking for marketing to boomers and find the following book, click any link under Subjects to find more books on related topics:

photo of subject keywords in catalog