Database Tutorial: PrivCo: Using & Citing PrivCo

Quick Video Tutorial (provided by the vendor)

Submitting Data Feedback

If a company profile doesn't include the information you need (e.g., financials), click on the Data Feedback button on the company profile. Data feedback goes directly to the PrivCo's data team, who will look into it and get back to you. Example in screenshot below:

PrivCo Data Feedback Button

PDF Tutorial With Screenshots

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Citing PrivCo

Format: PrivCo. (n.d.). Company name [Description of item]. Retrieved date, from URL

Company Profile:

PrivCo. (n.d.). OpenAI, Inc. [Company profile]. Retrieved February 15, 2023, from

Search Result:

PrivCo. (n.d.). [List of VC-backed AI-related companies with up to $50 million in revenue]. Retrieved February 15, 2023, from