UNST Portland -Dougher/Eufusia: Vanport Assignment

Vanport and The Flood

Vanport Documentary. OPB, the Oregon Experience. Online video.

Vanport: Oregon's Lost City. Online video.

Vanport and the Columbia River Floods of 1948. Online video.

Vanport Flood. Multnomah County  Archives. Online video taken by the sheriff department immediatly after the flood (no sound.)

The Wake of Vanport. The Skanner News.

Dodds, G. (2000). The college that would not die : The first fifty years of Portland State University, 1946-1996 (1st ed.). Portland, Or.: Oregon Historical Society Press.

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The Vanport Flood. From the Oregon History Project of the Oregon Historical Society.

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"Vanport and the 1948 Vanport Flood." Part of The Columbia River: A Photographic Journey."

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Floods of May-June 1948 in Columbia River Basin : a presentation of data on floods, gathered from selected gaging stations and other sources / By: Paulsen, Carl G.
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Geology and Environment

Johnson, P. (2016). A comprehensive integrated water resource assessment of potential changes to columbia river basin flood risk management policy (Order No. 10113953).

Floods of May-June 1948 in Columbia River Basin : a presentation of data on floods, gathered from selected gaging stations and other sources / By: Paulsen, Carl G.

          PSU Library   Circulation Desk Reserves   GB 1227 .C645  1949

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Columbia Slough Watershed. The City of Portland Environmental Services.

Columbia Slough Report Card. The City of Portland Environmental Services.

Columbia Slough at Portland Flow Report. USGS.

Societal and Racial Aftermaths of the Flood

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