GEOG 442/542 Sustainable Cities: Finding Articles

Choosing a Database

Many of the suggested databases cover multiple disciplines, so please feel free to explore and experiment. Please also keep in mind that each database covers different journals, which means each database covers different journal articles. Thus, to really see what is out there on your topic, you need to search in multiple databases and other resources as well.

Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, & Urban Planning Databases

History & Philosophy Databases

Get the Full Text

If you don't see the PDF, click Find it at P S U. This will check for the article online through another database or the print version on the shelf.

If PSU doesn't have the article, you can request it through interlibrary loan (ILL). ILL takes 3-5 business and will come to you as a PDF.

Interdisciplinary Databases in Environmental, Queer, & Women's Studies

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases index journal articles from most disciplines. However, they may not go as deeply into a topic as a more discipline-specific database.