Using Film in Courses: Linking to Films & Technical Questions

Refer to this guide when you have questions about using films in your online or face to face courses at Portland State University

Linking to video content

To ensure the most stable URL, please link to the library’s catalog record, where students can be directed to the film. Often, syllabi and instructors use the direct link to the film platform, but in some cases, those links change, licenses expire, or platforms alter. We understand that this is an extra step for the user, as they will then have to click on the link "Available online at," but it should be a more reliable way to get viewers to video content.

Catalog record with link identified


Select the "Link/URL" in the brief catalog record to find the persistent link to the catalog. Catalog record with link selected

This is the permalink to add to your syllabus or to your Canvas course shell. 

For more help, please see the Persistent Links to Library Content page on the Library website. 


Technical or Accessibility Questions

Captioning or other requests

If you have technical or accessibility issues with a film, please contact your library liaison to request help. We can help arrange captioning, transcripts, or communicate with film distributors for translation services in some cases.